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Hamilton Aguiar, born in Brazil in 1965, moved to the United States in 1987.

The emphatic truth of Aguiar succeeds in suggesting the universal composition, classically balanced. The sky is clear delicate, meticulously trimmed the foliage - or shining in light or resting quietly in the shade - is also marked by shades of nature in some works, the foreground is swanky, warm and rich, the distance disappears with proper grading, while other parts of the first plane are played in warm colors he turns to suit their own purposes, establishing this form, its distinctive individualism. In the vibrant colors of the setting sun, the artist reveals faint reflections in the soil. The exploration of chromatism in the background: red, roses, wine, silver and gold.

Aguiar is the dramatic narrative of nature and, irrespective of proportion, each painting is a landscape that equals greatness and vastness. Although the expressive works refer to the perceivable world of natural elements, the movement of the shapes is based on a well-structured spatial order.


Aguiar has exhibited in several American cities and abroad. Among the most important are: Hazelton Galleries, Toronto, CA; Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, NY; Atlas Gallery, Chicago, IL; Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Museu Inima de Paula, Belo Horizonte, MG - BRASIL; Mensing Galerie - Germany; Redstone Gallery, Parck City, UT. He has participated in several international exhibitions such as: Context Art Fair, Miami, FL; Art New York at Pier 94, NY; Art Basel Weekend, FL; ArtHamptons - Southampton, NY

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