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Wed, Jan 31



Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos

Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery is delighted to announce its newest group exhibition on display from January 31st to April 20th. Brings together the works of four different renowned Spanish contemporary artists: Moisés Yagües, Alejandra De La Torre, Alexander Grahovsky, and Oton.

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Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos
Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos

Time and Place

Jan 31, 2024, 7:00 PM GMT+1

Madrid, C. de Fúcar, 17, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain


Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery is delighted to announce its newest group exhibition, on display from January 31st to April 20th. “Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos” brings together the works of four different renowned Spanish contemporary artists: Moisés Yagües, Alejandra De La Torre, Alexander Grahovsky, and Oton. 

The exhibition presents an array of mediums and styles, reflecting the individuality of each artist and giving life to a fusion of Spanish contemporary artistry.

In this exhibition the works of these four remarkable artists come together to offer a profound yet lively exploration of reinterpretation through the incorporation of elements that are well-known to the general public. 

Inspired by masterpieces of the past, Yagües pays tribute to his admiration for these masters in his "The Artists' Assistants" series by referencing and hinting at art history. In this series, the assistants, fully equipped with their ladders, rollers, and buckets of paint, rush to finish the works of very well-known art masters including Rothko, Mondrian, and Haring, among others.

Yagües, who imagines the interior of the head and human body as a place where stories take place and ideas come to life, paints in search of the freest creation with a fresh and casual style and a well-established iconography. His cartoonish characters, tender and full of energy, and his portrayal of surreal situations are influenced by comics, illustration, pop art and street art.

De La Torre’s works, which also incorporate familiar elements recognized by the public, bring the artist’s nostalgia to life through objects in a very vibrant, energetic, and fantasy-like manner. De La Torre's artistic journey invites us to reevaluate our relationships with the objects that shape our lives and that were so heavily present during the late 80s to the late 90s, where Spain's traditional charm met imported American trends. Her artistry combines painting with various techniques, inviting viewers to engage with her creations.

Constructing stories that seem to want to tell themselves and inviting viewers to let the wall look at them rather than us at the wall is also a part of Grahovsky’s artistic philosophy. His pieces, in what at first glance seem to be ordinary settings, feature elements like animals and humans in dream-like scenarios. Grahovsky frees himself from stylistic constraints and makes the process the center of his artistic production, his art is an exploration of intuition and paints for things to happen, unveiling what cannot otherwise be seen.

Through the use of the popular Disney characters like Pluto and Snow White, Oton’s work is a playful yet thought-provoking blend of childlike innocence and societal critique. It skillfully combines opposites, presenting a captivating interplay of humor and social commentary, sweetness and subversion, and themes both childlike and adult. His work challenges societal norms and delves into major issues of our time, such as globalization, consumerism, inequality, and media manipulation, all while employing humor as a seductive tool for the viewer. This simple, approachable, and childlike elements and language are what draws us, the viewers, closer to his art.

By drawing inspiration from masterpieces of the past and incorporating fantasy-like concepts, this exhibition perfectly brings together each artist’s distinct styles. It gives life to a harmonious balance between our world and the world’s of these artists once we’ve been invited in.

About Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery

Espinasse31is a contemporary art gallery based in Milan, Madrid, Miami, and Monte Carlo. It aims to bring together the voices of artists from different generations, cultures and backgrounds; ultimately giving life to a space of creation and encounter where the relationship between photography, urban art, painting, and sculpture all come together. More than a gallery, Espinasse31 serves as a place for multidisciplinary and collaborative dialogue that encourages creative exchange between artists and the local community.

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