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Espinasse31 collaborates with the company Cinello, adding to its collection of digital artworks the digitized work Testa di giovane donna by Amedeo Modigliani authorized by the Museum Pinacoteaa di Brera. This work was presented for the first time in the United States during our participation in the tenth edition of the art fair Context Art Miami  in December 2022

Cinello was born under the vision of creating a new link between the digital world and the world of fine arts that could improve and guarantee the continuity of the latter. Cinello has created a new digital universe for art masterpieces in collaboration with museums and contemporary artists who have granted the rights to turn their collections into flawless Digital Works of Art, which they have called DAW®.  In line with Cinello's vision, Espinasse31, with the aim of promoting Italian museums, wants to offer art collectors the possibility of being able to acquire pieces that previously could only be seen in museums.

Director of the Pinacoteca di Brera talking about the digitized artwork Testa di giovane donna by Amedeo Modigliani  

In 2021, thanks to the company Cinello, this artwork was digitized under the authorization of the Museo Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. The peculiarity of this digital work is that it is not an NFT, on the contrary, it is what Cinello has coined as DAW, an authenticated digital version of masterpieces present only in the museums. This new category of artworks represents an innovation in the art world as well as a new opportunity for Museums and Institutions because DAWs are a feasible way to preserve historical heritage and a new way to generate income for museums and institutions.



DAW® – Digital Art Work, created in partnership with the museum that houses the original work, is a digital multiple of a masterpiece of art history, produced in original size in a limited series. The works are certified and protected with a patented digital encryption system.

 Each DAW® is unique, numbered, authenticated, not reproducible, and respects all the constraints and requirements of the artwork, starting with its uniqueness. With the approval of MiBACT, Cinello has entered into agreements with the most important public and private Italian museums , such as  Uffizi Galleries, Brera Art Gallery and Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, among others 

The extraordinarily high technological content makes the DAW® absolutely impossible to copy and guarantees its uniqueness. For each DAW®, the ownership of the work is certified on a Blockchain public ledger.

When you acquire a DAW® you also receive a small computer such as a Raspberry Pi that holds the Image file, wallet address and private key of the customer. Accompanying the DAW® is a digital and physical Certificate of Authenticity signed by the museums’ directors as well as Cinello. The screens come bordered by perfect replicas of the original frames, each one handcrafted in Tuscany.


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