Claudia La Bianca

Claudia La Bianca grew up as a mischievous teen in Sicily. Sneaking through the streets painting her fantastical world on anything she had access to. Sicily granted Claudia her first murals and developed the intense passion for painting that propels her into the saturated street art scene in Miami. 

Studying fashion design at the Institute of Arts in Sicily. La Bianca graduated and moved to Miami, a hotbed of culture offering her a unique hub into the art world working as a storyboard artist, as well as a costume and set designer. 


In November 2004 Claudia moved to New York City where she studied the art of film making at the New York Film Academy, expanding her visual arts dialogue. In 2007, she was one of the very gifted finalists chosen from 12,000 submissions, on the competition based TV Show for filmmakers “ON THE LOT”, produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett. Claudia La Bianca has only moved forward directing and producing a vast number of national commercials, music videos, short films and just completed her second feature film “THE JOURNEY OF A DRAGONFLY”. 

Since moving back to Miami in 2006, Claudia began painting her way through Miami’s drastic transformation. Claudia has made a recognizable mark in the art world. Most known for street art in the Wynwood arts district, where her murals are flourishing around every corner. Some 30 feet tall, the portrayals of incredibly sexy and confident women of wonder command respect, tying her philosophies towards empowerment and strong ambitions together. 


Painting major works for America’s next top model, III points music festival and the Miami Marlins stadium over the past few years. Claudia sees her work as ready to explode onto the international scene. She has traveled to paint in NY, Philly, Italy and LA. Her message of empowerment and self-love has her fueled and ready to blow us away. She is a true volcano of Sicily. 

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