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Street & Pop Meet Fashion

MAY 3RD, 2017

For it's first event, Espinasse31 will propose a series of works related to the worlds of street art and fashion.


The exhibition will open with a parade of paper suits, specifically designed by Caterina Crepax for the event, during which street artists will intervene on these so-called "paper dreams", giving birth to an exceptional live performance. In the background, our guests will be able to admire some paper sculptures and other works of Caterina Crepax, as well as a series of unique works painted by the artists of the residency and inspired by the famous Valentina, designed by Guido Crepax. 

In the first sequence of artworks, Valentina is depicted through the filter of Pop art. In the second one, some of our street artists will be giving their own spin on the persona of Valentina. Caterina’s model will parade among our guests, braving the sexy silhouettes of Valentina. This wants to be generational role-play, designed in order to create a dialogue between different artistic disciplines.


Among the interpreters, the artist and photographer Alex Korolkovas will present some of his works. Born in Brazil, Alex is currently based between Miami and New York City, where he works as a professional fashion photographer. Korolkovas is known for giving his own spin to the image of Valentina, which he reproduces on plexiglass, canvas and wood panels.

The days spent at Espinasse31 have been extremely prolific for Alex. During this time the artist was able to create an exclusive art collection, integrating both photographs of major street art works in the streets of Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Miami, New York and other cities, and the image of Valentina, which appears in his works in the form of silkscreened silhouettes.

Alongside these artworks, where Valentina accompanies the viewer around the world - extensively showing graffiti of some of the most popular urban artists of our times such as Banksy, Os Gemeos, Skull, Mr Brainwash or Stik, just to name a few -  there is another Valentina reinterpreted by artists such as Jenny Perez. 


Jenny Perez is a Cuban artist based in Miami. During the opening, she will release her Black Milan series, created during her residency period.


The event will also feature the amazing paintings of Flavio Rossi. Flavio Rossi's body of work is characterized by a strong Freudian inspiration. This eclectic artist recently collaborated with the Rolling Stones in their latest project, filmed during their tour in Brazil, painting a wall with music legend Ronnie Wood.


Colors and gestures will be the main focus of the research of pop and abstract artist Carlos Cesar Alves, who works on the concept of abstraction, experimenting with extremely difficult techniques that require a specific ability, such as resin.

Artists: Caterina Crepax | Alex Korolkovas | Jenny Perez | Flavio Rossi | Carlos Cesar Alves

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