Caterina Crepax

The elements upon which the unique creations of Caterina Crepax are based are simply white paper and meticulously studied light shows designed to dramatically improve the stage presence of her sculpted clothes.


Born and raised in Milan, where she graduated in Architecture, Caterina Crepax has dedicated the last 20 years to her artistic career to paper and to the conservation of the artistic heritage of her father: Guido Crepax - the famous cartoonist who created the character of Valentina in 1965-. Caterina has collaborated with renowned designers such as Alessandro Mendini or Roberto Cavalli, with whom she organized a number of important exhibition and shows. She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design of Milan.

Her relationship with card is an unbreakable thread starting from her childhood leading her to her status of established contemporary artist today. She is focused on recycling, shredded documents, perforated edges of printouts or typography leftovers, Caterina can be turn anything into precious "tissues", and subsequently in sumptuous clothes.

Cuts, folds, pleats, puffs and inlays give life to magical creatures. Paper armours, fragile and yet aggressive. Sculpted dresses which often take inspiration from nature, architectural decoration elements (curved lines, as in Oscar Niemeyer’s or Zaha Hadid’s projects) or even the old and precious style of Art Nouveau: as the "empty chrysalis of an organism holding its memory".

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