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Argentinian artist


Carolina Kleine Samson is from Patagonia, Argentina. 


Her work focuses on digitizing the natural, naturalizing the digital through the translation of symbols and ideas from our digital culture and the internet into the physical realm, using various concepts and materials. Paintings that say nothing, untouchable screens, codes that don't lead us anywhere or lead us everywhere. The obsolescence that creates the beauty of the symbols that surround our digital existence.  


She creates her patterns with what was one of her facebook passwords using the collors that social networks have on their platforms “facebook blue” or red for facebook notifications.


Connecting with symbols from the past and other cultures opens up the possibility of considering the tribal connection of these codes in their presence in the future. They currently function as bridges or communicative building blocks that allow us to cross the walls of the physical world into digital landscapes.




Her experience as a figure skater with her practice as a digital artist developed mainly on the internet, to translate it into physical space through her paintings on skates.


Enter a room full of qr codes, which invites us to scan, perceive, and contemplate these contemporary codes from their visual perspective, in order to go beyond mere functionality and reach the aesthetic perception of them through the use of resources such as repetition and exaggeration.

Their tribal reminiscence leads us to rethink the place they occupy in our lives in order to connect from a visual and technological perspective.

These codes are like bridges that transport us from the physical plane to the digital one through tactile mediators such as our screens.

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