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During its first three years of operation, Espinasse31 focused its efforts and capital investments in scouting for and inviting to Milan some of the most influential and prolific street artists, sculptors, and contemporary artists from the US and South America for short-term residency periods, and in promoting their works in the international art market.


During such residencies, artists were provided with all the necessary materials and equipment to unleash their creativity and conceive unique collections. Espinasse31 then provided the artists with a platform to present their newly created works to art lovers and established collectors through the organization of in-house exhibitions in Milan, temporary expositions in Miami and Monte-Carlo, and the participation in art fairs and other events around the globe.

In the gallery's residency program, artists are hosted in the inspiring spaces of a former print factory for 3/4 week-long periods, during which they can work either alone or collaborate with other artists. Indeed, one of the main points in Espinasse31's mission is to encourage the exchange of ideas, techniques, and artistic languages, in order to bring to life groundbreaking and previously unseen works. Espinasse31's street artists are now strictly selected by their ability to transpose their murals into fascinating indoor works, and by their curriculum.

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