Antonella Mellini is a conceptual artist living in Milano with an eye to society, caught in its cultural, scientific and anthropological changes. A complexity made intuitive by an essential, flat style and her characteristic mark.

The artist creates in an empathetic way, following emotions, in a mix of notions belonging to her background, scientific studies and experiences. This with an essential and two-dimensional style that moves the work from its space-temporal connotation, making it eternal. A unique and recognizable style and trait enhanced by the use of materials in conceptual and physical harmony with the artist. Styrofoam, shaped and glazed, in its imperfect almost human lightness is in contrast to the heavy linearity of marble. Plexiglas with its deep reflections allows the eye and mind to go beyond the surface, reaching the most hidden layers and secrets, the true character of the work.

After graduating in Pharmacy, Antonella began her international experience as an artist in 2017, in Bruxelles. From 2017 to 2020 Antonella was a permanent artist of the Art Gallery Memojacq , Rue Blaes,94 Brussels (Belgium).

In 2017 she was selected to exhibit at the Palais Des Beaux Arts of Brussels with ACAF.

From 2017 Antonella collaborates with high brands as ClubHouse, Illy Caffè official supplier, La Prose Beer and in 2018 Antonella was chosen by the writer Gabriella Maldini for the cover of the book ‘I narratori della modernità’.

Antonella has exhibited internationally at art fairs and galleries in London, 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, São Paulo, Art Gallery Fundacao Caetano do Sul (Brasil) and Milan, Grandart Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair.

Antonella has been featured in international publications, she was nominated by the GQ Magazine as ‘one of the 7 young talents of Contemporary Art’ and in 2020 was selected by Corriere della Sera - Living, for the publication on Artinsolite. 


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