Alex Korolkovas

Born in the city of Sao Caetano near San Paolo, Brazil, the artist and photographer Alex Korolkovas has lived in California and in Miami for several years, before finally moving to NY. Becoming an established name with his trademark use of sexually provocative photographs, Alex brought an edgy eye to the world of fashion shootings. His work is characterized by a fashion-informed approach to nudes, provocative fine art and advertising campaigns. He continues to create and collaborate with other artists as well as with the help of his subjects, remaining open to new ideas and seeking out inspiration from places that others might disregard. 

In the late 80's Alex fell in love with the comics of Guido Crepax from which comes a collaboration and a first exhibition of “Valentina” personified by the model Barbara Nogueira. Alex says: "I’ve been a Valentina fan for over 20 years, for the richness of character and amazing imagery. I have always wanted to find a woman who embodied it. So it was with Barbara, who in despite of never been on an erotic shoot before, incorporated her true essence".


Alex brought together a special selection of twenty new images on the 50th anniversary of Valentina, celebrated in the US with a previously unpublished collection of 10 books by Guido Crepax with stories of Fantagraphics in November 2015.

Among the most important exhibits are his personal show at St. Paul Gallery (Miami), and the collective shows at the Art and Design Gallery (Miami), The Saints NYC (New York), Saccaro (Miami), and his participation in the Art Brazil - Art Serve - Fort Lauderdale, at the Art Basel Miami fair.

Among the awards that Alex received, the Visual Press Awards, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the category Fine Art Photography in 2016, or the nomination for Abril's Jornalism Awards in the category Photographic Editorial for VIP Magazine, titled "Carol Martins, a Bela da Moda".

He also collaborates with a series of international publications such as:  NERVE.COM (NY), Stern Magazine (Alemanha), DP, Photographer (Portugal), TRIP, TPM, Vogue, Maxim, VIP, ELE ELA, SEXY, SAX, MIXMAG, Top Magazine, Cool, Lounge, Men’s Health, Upscale Magazine, Ocean Drive.

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