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Adriana Balbo (1986, Argentina) is a muralist and actress.

She develops art in two very different facets, on the one hand: the mutation, the interpretation, becoming a channel for a message; acting. And on the other, through painting, where she dumps everything on the canvas or the wall.

Adriana's murals can be seen in all America latina, she start her carreer as a muralist in 2016 and collaborates with important institution during this years. In 2017 she did a mural for Argentina City Government, during Amazonia festival in Madrid she work for cultural exchange Spain-Argentina and she did a mural for the Embassy of Chile in Argentina.

In 2019 she partecipates to Art Basel in Miami with Art and War performance.

From 2020 Adriana developes her ecological murals, working for brand such as Adidas, Audi, Disney, Warner Brothers and Nation Geographic.

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