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February 22-April 22, 2023

A new exhibition in collaboration with Cinello 


      Espinasse31 has had the pleasure of collaborating for this exhibition with the Italian company Cinello, who, aware of the changes that the art world was experiencing, believed in the opportunities offered by technology in the mission of art conservation. Cinello is committed to the delicate task of promoting and enhancing the artistic heritage on a national and international scale. Through its patent, and collaborating hand in hand with museums, private collections and contemporary artists,  it is able to protect digital files guaranteeing their originality and non-copyability.  Cinello has opened the door to a new way of enjoying and collecting art, thanks to DAW® - Digital Art Work, digital works of art in very high definition, numbered and authenticated. On the occasion of the Madrid exhibition, it will be possible to admire digital versions of the Italian masterpiece Basket of Fruits by Caravaggio, or the Flemish masterpiece Flower in a Vase with Jewels, Coins and Shells by Jan Brueghel the Elder,  whose original are on display at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan.

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         This group show will also feature artists Flavio Rossi, Rodrigo Branco and Ouka Leele, whose artistic creations will immerse the viewer in a oneiric journey. This exhibition presents one of the few pictorial works by the renowned Spanish photographer Ouka Leele. With Alumabramiento Leele invades the canvas with a large flower that expands with expressive brushstrokes texturized with the use of vegetal and animal elements. From the figurative, as Ouka Lele, Brazilian artists Flavio Rossi and Rodrigo Branco take the viewer into their existentialist and colorful universes. Rossi manages to create a very personal artistic language through female and male nudes, which run on neutral backgrounds or blue skies, wrapped in mysterious grimaces and emotional situations between drama and extreme joy. Rodirgo Branco, influenced by geographical issues and the resignation of memories, portrays characters defined without limits, strong colors and unusual faces.


        From Real to Digital will showcase the works by the visual artists Adrian Avila and Marcello Silvestre, characterized by the use of gold leaf and geometric compositions. Adrián Ávila intends to rethink with his work traditional feminine iconography, creating a new visual language to position the woman as an antidote with the power to heal society and recreate the world. This new visual language combines different textures, symbols, linear patterns and sacred geometric shapes connected to each other. Marcello Silvestre  creates his sculptures with a tendency to geometricize the human figure, but different from Avila the expression and the feeling  is dictated by the bodies and not by the expression of the faces. His sculptures explore themes such as the relationship between man and soul, the concept of time, the dream world of modern urban landscapes and human spirituality. The artist expresses such complex themes through his particular use of form, figure and material. Marcello Silvestre's sculptures begin their journey digitally and come to life thanks to 3D printing technology.


            As a final touch to this group exhibition, Espinasse31 will host the site-specific installation Infinity QR Room by digital artist Carolina Toncovich, which will be on view from March 9 to 12 at the Dubai International Fair. When descending the stairs of the gallery, and entering this immersive room, the viewer becomes aware of how an element as ordinary as the QR code is actually an important part of our daily lives.  In this room, the QR codes that invaded our daily lives after the global pandemic are presented as a visual experience, and as a bridge to discover through them digital artworks by leading Espinasse31 artists.  Entering the Infiniy QR Room is like immersing yourself in a room and being surrounded by portals; it is interaction with each code, it is perception, it is accessibility. Toncovich's work transfers symbols and global visions that we experience on the screen to the physical space

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