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February 4-April 1 , 2023

A new exhibition in collaboration with Cinello 

The show will host an installation by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, whose research aims to investigate the relationship between elements in opposition: creation-destruction, past-future and real-virtual. Upon entering the gallery, the viewer will immediately feel transported to another dimension. The thermal blanket used by the artist, fragile but durable is rich in significant meaning. This material originally developed by NASA is now used to relieve migrants and homeless people out of the cold, but in its artistic meaning also in reference to global warming. The works presented within the installation are sculptures that combine this material, cut out with surgical precision, to the extent that the artist uses a scalpel, and placed inside two sheets of plexiglass thanks to electrostatic charges.

At the end of the exhibition the thermal blankets will be donated to the Croce Rossa of Milan.


Espinasse31 is pleased to announce its collaboration with Cinello, an Italian company committed to the delicate task of promoting and enhancing the artistic heritage on a national and international scale; with its patent it is able to protect digital files of artworks from museums, private collections and contemporary artists, guaranteeing their originality and non-copyability. Cinello has opened the door to a new form of art fruition and collecting, thanks to DAW® - Digital Art Work, digital works of art in very high definition, numbered and authenticated. On the occasion of the Milan exhibition, it will be possible to admire digital versions of great Italian masterpieces such as Modigliani's Head of a Young Woman and Hayez's The Kiss, the originals of which are on display in the Pinacoteca di Brera museum in Milan.


The Brazilian artist Jotape, before becoming an authentic Star in his country, Brazil, spent quite some time in Espinasse31's Milan art residency and some of his pieces such as "My Dear Pity," "Untitled Gold 2016," "Green Daisy 2016", “Abstraction”are in perfect harmony with the abstract and surreal atmosphere that is also felt in the two exhibited pieces "Cross-legged Chair"and "Swimming pool I" by the other Brazilian artist Luiz Philippe presented in the second room.  Carneiro has held several exhibitions throughout Brazil, as well as in London and Rome; his work has been exhibited at the Mineiro Museum (Minas Gerais Art Museum) in Belo Horizonte, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and in the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology.

His works are part of the Solo Collection in Madrid, the Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection and the permanent holdings of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro 

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